Hauntings Are Not All That's Odd 'n' Eerie in Odd Scotland.

Orkney Islands, Scottish skeleton death taunt headstone copyright Gordon J. Mooney

Odd Scotland is full of odd and eerie stuff. A Scottish castle without a ghost is like a Scottish castle without a moat. But hauntings are not all that's Odd and Eerie in Odd Scotland.

Black Isle sacred healing Clootie Well in Munlochie in the Scottish Highlands, copyright Nancy Lyon

A Hawthorne tree tied with rags and tattered bits of clothing and human hair - some from people now dead - would freak you out if you don't know about Clootie wells. Clootie or cloutie is Scots for cloth or clothing. The roadside Clootie Well near Munlochy on the Black Isle is very spooky. It is a mini-forest of trees and bushes covered in rotting rags. To many of the well-heeled locals speeding by on the A832, it is a frightening eyesore they would like to burn down. But the trees, bushes and flowing stream are an ancient Celtic healing and pilgrimage place. This holy well later became associated with the Pictish Saint Curidan.

As the rags hanging on the trees and bushes rot, the disease afflicting the person who wore the piece of clothing fades away and disappears. So the belief goes. Pagan, yes. And a bit like the magical object transference of Voodoo. Yet Scottish witchcraft and Voodoo aren't so many oceans apart. Just browse through a book of Scottish ballads to see how much "Voodoo" was a part of Scottish life back then, (as in Witch's knots tied into the hair of victims, and bread dolls stuck with pins...)

Scottish Highland odd Tourist Sign, pointing the way to the local Abbatoire - slaughterhouse . copyright Nancy Lyon

In OddnEerie we shall guide you to the OddnEeriest Scottish places, things, activities and events - past and present. Of the future, we know not. But perhaps the UFO's cruising the skies over Bonnybridge might have a thing or two to say about that!

Since 1992, Bonnybridge near Falkirk has been hailed as the world's hottest UFO spot, with 300 sitings a year. The area surrounding it, from Stirling to Fife and the outskirts of Edinburgh, is known by UFOlogists as the "Falkirk Triangle." (It's worth investigating local police reports to ascertain if Buckfast - the monk-made favorite Scottish "medicated wine" - figured in any of these UFO sitings. Scottish police reports often make reference to the use - or rather abuse - of this abominous brew.)

Just as Inverness and Loch Ness have obsessively marketed the Loch Ness Monster "Nessie" with TWO visitors centres in Drumnadrochit - ( in the Scottish tradition of clan rivalry we have The Original Loch Ness Visitor Centre and The Official Loch Ness Monster Centre)- Bonnybridge may soon resort to the same ploy. Local Councillor Billy Buchanan has pestered the last three Prime Ministers to get Bonnybridge twinned with Roswell, New Mexico! Plastic Made-In-China Bonnybridge flying saucers - with Greys and Abductees inside - here we come!!!

Odd Scotland's Mar Hall

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Fleshmark  Close, old Edinburgh lithograph

The book dust in the Edinburgh Central Public Library is nothing to sniff about. It's full of writhing, biting microcreatures that can drive you mad - or drive you to murder.