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Scottish seaweed shot through with rays of a Nordic sunset

Enjoy the music and images of the isles with Shona Mooney.

Tidal Islands is New Scottish Music commissioned by BBC Radio and composed arranged and played by Shona Mooney.The inspiration are the two tidal islands of Eilean Shona and Eilean Tioram in Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands. The photography is by Craig and Gordon Mooney. 

Sunset on the Scottish Western Isles

There is still something of an Odyssey up there, in among the islands and the silent Lochs: like the twilight morning of the world, the herons fishing undisturbed by the water, and the sea running far in, for miles, between the wet trickling hills, where the cottages are low and almost invisible, built into the earth. It is still out of the world like the very beginning of Europe.
.....©D.H. Lawrence, Letter to Else Jaffe, Newtonmore, 20 August 1926


Col Gordon evicted 1,500 people from these[Outer Hebrides] islands in 1851, after the famine, and forced them to board emigrant ships to remove them from his property. Contemporary Canadian newspapers remarked on the poverty of these emigrants even in comparison with paupers from the Irish poorhouses.
.....HIGHLAND CLEARANCES TRAIL: A Guide Compiled by Rob Gibson. Highland Heritage Books, © 1996.

Some of those islands might be considered as the hell of Great Britain, where all evil spirits should be sent.
.....Hector St John de Crevecoeur, Letters from an American Farmer,© 1782


North Glen Sannox ...was cleared in 1829 to make way for farming and amalgamations designed to "improve" the estate. Today the consequences can be seen, bracken infested hillsides and house sites strung out along the north side of the glen. Laggantum is a clearly defined "deserted village" reached half a mile beyond the Fallen Rocks from the forestry track.

Recently a researcher in Canada displayed photographs of Glen Sannox as it is today to descendants of the Arran families cleared from the Glen. Their Scots Canadian descendants in Megantic County, Quebec could not believe that they had come from such poor ruins; big houses and castles surely were their homes? The total loss of contact with the reality of the clearances is a worldwide phenomenon which is only slowly changing.
.....HIGHLAND CLEARANCES TRAIL: A Guide Compiled by Rob Gibson. Highland Heritage Books, ©1996.

Calanais Standing Stones on the Hebridean isle of Lewis date to 3,000 BC

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