Scotland's Dreich Climate and Weather have Produced a Torrent of Words  
Who Said What?

So this is your Scotland. It is rather nice, but dampish and Northern and one shrinks a trifle inside one's skin. For these countries one should be amphibian.

.......©D.H. Lawrence, Letter to Hon. Dorothy Brett, 14 August 1926

Some Highland witches are said to control the weather. They are called Storm Witches and are capable of raising great hurricanes and snow storms, or of calming the waves at will.
Such a witch lived at Scourie, and made a good living by selling favorable winds to mariners, few of whom would set sail without first consulting her. She would stand on a rock above Scourie Bay, pointing her staff in the direction of the wind she wanted to invoke. Then she would chant a geasan (a Gaelic spell) and the tempest would commence - or cease, according to her wish.
.....SCOTLAND Myths and Legends, by Beryl Beare, © Parragon. London 1996, ISBN 0-94778-294-x

In one very important respect Scotland is physically inferior to most similar countries, and that is in climate. Most of the great Greek ideas came naturally from her sunshine and mild sea breezes. The philosophers were men who sat in the open air under trees, drinking wine.

They were encouraged thus to think fruitfully...Scotland's climate has never been temperate enough to produce that ease of mind which suddenly erupts in the world-shattering ideas, nor has it been hard enough, such as that of Scandinavia and Russia, to transform men into ravening wild beasts, like the Viking and other hoards.

....SCOTLAND: THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE, © Donald Cowie, 1973 by A.S. Barnes and Company, Cranbury, NJ and London: Thomas Yoseloff Ltd., London ISBN 0-498-01169-0

Edinburgh pays cruelly for her high seat in one of the vilest climates under heaven. She is liable to be beaten upon by all the winds that blow, to be drenched with rain, to be buried in cold sea fogs out of the east, and powdered with the snow as it comes flying southward from the Highland hills.

The weather is raw and boisterous in winter, shifty and ungenial in summer, and a downright meteorological purgatory in the spring. The delicate die early, and I, as a survivor, among bleak winds and plumping rain, have been sometimes tempted to envy them their fate.

.....Robert Louis Stevenson, Edinburgh Picturesque Notes,© 1879

The Moray microclimate - Nairn's Sunshine Coast

The climate is strangely un-Scottish, due to some geographical freak. There can be continuous days of sunshine in the early spring, and the soft fruits grow as lushly as in California and with better flavor. the place names are poetically beautiful, from New Pitsligo to Fyvie and from Strichen to the Muir of Fowlis. Craigellachie, Fochabers, Dufftown and the original Dallas compete with Keig and Clatt and Waterton and Echt.

Not only the climate but also the people are outlandish even for Scotland...They are not at all Scottish, these descendants of Vikings, and, lacking both "Celtic" and Saxon blood, they display red hair predominantly and sea-blue eyes...they can frequently go mad with frustration in a regimented world. (Just as their forefathers went suitably berserk.)

SCOTLAND: THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE, © Donald Cowie, 1973 by A.S. Barnes and Company, Cranbury, NJ and London: Thomas Yoseloff Ltd., London ISBN 0-498-01169-0